Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Away from Singapore from 2nd Oct 2011 till 1 Nov 2011.

I will be away from Singapore from 2nd Oct 2011 till 1 Nov 2011.

If you wish to place your order for Aloe Vera gel or Sandalwood powder, please email to me by 20 Sep 2011. All orders received before 20 Sep 2011 will have your ordered items reach you by 4th Oct 2011. All orders placed after 20 Sep 2011 can only be processed when I am back in November.

Remember to keep me updated with your payment details, which should include date of transfer, amount transferred, transaction reference number, payment for which items and lastly, payment via i-banking/ATM/funds transfer from another bank.

A reservation with payment made first for your order is better because the stock are always limited and taken up very fast even before they arrived. Keep me updated once you made the transfer so that I can reserve and prepare for postage when shipment arrives.

During my absence, I will not be able to reply any emails. I will only be able to reply after 2nd Nov 2011.
Thank you.

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